IVory Heights Condominium
Ivory Heights Condominium
Ivory Heights Enbloc Sales Bid

Ivory Heights Collective Sales

The proposal to "go enbloc" for Ivory Heights was first mooted by a small group of Subsidiary Proprietors (SPs) sometime in October 2016. The initial efforts which began with small group discussions at coffee shops gained momentum culminating with the 1st EOGM held on 8 July 2017 and the formation of the Collective Sales Committee (CSC).

The CSC subsequently announced the following appointments:
   - Marketing Agent - SLP International Property Consultants Pte Ltd - www.oneslp.com
   - Legal Advisor - Eldan Law LLP - www.eldanlaw.com

At the 2nd EOGM held on 1 October 2017, the Subsidiary Proprietors of Ivory Heights voted decisively to accept the proposed Collective Sales Agreement (CSA) as well as the proposed Method of Apportionment of Sales Proceeds. Immediately after the 2nd EOGM, signing of the CSA began in earnest.

Further details on the progress of the collective sales effort can be found on the website created by the appointed marketing agent, specifically for the purpose of the collective sale: