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Ivory Heights Collective Sale

At a EOGM held on 20th March 2021, the Subsidiary Proprietors (SPs) of Ivory Heights voted favourably to form a Collective Sale Committee (CSC) for the enbloc sale of Ivory Heights.

CSC Update :

A big “Thank You” to all SPs of Ivory Heights for their strong mandate to form the 2021 CSC recently !

Since the CSC formation, the CSC Team has been meeting weekly and the Meeting Minutes are posted on the “Enbloc News” Notice Boards in Ivory Heights at Blocks 117 (Lift B/C lobby), 122 (Lift B/C lobby), 124 (Lift B/C lobby), 119, 120 and 121.

Currently, the CSC’s focus is to search, evaluate and appoint a Marketing Agent (MA) and a Legal Advisor (LA) to help us with our enbloc sale. Once we have identified the MA and LA, we will call another EOGM soon to present more information and the appointments.

Please check the “Enbloc News” Notice Boards for CSC Meeting Minutes and other information.

For enquiries, SP can contact the CSC by email at ivoryheights.csc2021@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Ng Yeau Chong


Ivory Heights Collective Sale Committee (CSC)

12 April 2021